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The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia (USG) is committed to providing a healthy environment on all campuses throughout the system. As part of Georgia Tech’s comprehensive health program designed to promote the safety, health, and well-being of our community, Georgia Tech requires all incoming undergraduate and transfer students to complete Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates and all incoming Atlanta Campus graduate students to complete Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students.

If you do not complete this requirement, you will receive a HOLD on your registration for next semester’s classes! Graduate students in online degree programs do not need to complete the course.

Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates and Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students educates students about healthy relationships, the importance of consent, and the role of bystander intervention. Interactive exercises take students through real-world scenarios, empowering students to create safe, healthy campus environments.

The key information in this training includes: 

  • Values, Identities, and Relationships
  • Gender Identities and Stereotypes
  • Sexual Harassment and Stalking
  • Consent, Coercion, and Stepping In
  • Reporting Options and Responding to a Survivor

Mandatory Training Guidelines

Mandatory Training Guidelines

Upcoming first-year undergraduate, transfer students, and upcoming graduate students: Completion of Parts 1 & 2 of Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergrads is mandatory. Graduate students in online degree programs do NOT need to complete the course!

you will also receive an invite from ( ) with a link, and make sure you use your Georgia Tech email address to sign in (e.g.

May 3, 2024 - Part 1 opens

June 14, 2024 - Complete Part 1

Part 2 opens 30 days after you have completed Part 1.

July 19, 2024 - Complete Part 2

Email with questions or concerns and please include your GT Email Address and GTID.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to take the courses if I am an employee taking graduate classes at Georgia Tech?

You are still required to complete Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students as you are considered an incoming graduate student.

What if I completed the course at a different institution?

You must complete the course again using your Georgia Tech credentials. The courses have Georgia Tech specific policy information and campus resources that are important for you to know.

How long do these courses take?

Part 1 of each course takes approximately 1-1.5 hours to complete.
Part 2 of each course takes approximately 15 minutes.

Do I need to take the entire program at once?

No, You may log in and out of the course at the end of each section. Section ends are marked with a "Next" button. DO NOT log out until you click the "Next" button or you will have to repeat the section you have just gone through. Note: Once you start the exam, however, you need to complete it in one sitting. If you log out during the exam, the program will assume you are finished and will assign a grade.

What happens if I have a registration on hold?

You must complete the requirement to have your hold removed. Your hold will automatically remove with 1 business day after completing the requirement.

Additional Information

  • You will need Internet access and audio capabilities.
  • To avoid technical issues, please use any major web browser (e.g., Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome) released within the previous two years.
  • The course may include surveys to help personalize your experience and measure students’ attitudes and behaviors. All survey responses are confidential; Georgia Tech will only receive information about the student body as a whole and will never see individual students’ answers.
  • Technical support is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Please click the “Help” link within the courses to access technical support.