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Employee well-being is a key component to creating thriving workplaces. Americans working full time spend more than one third of their day, Monday – Friday, at work. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, prioritizing wellness in the workplace has been proven to improve productivity, lower stress, and reduce risk for chronic disease. Wellness also contributes to higher energy levels, lower turnover rates, and improved morale. Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC) indicated that every $1 spent on a mentally healthier workplace yields $2.3 dollars in benefit to the institution (2014). 

Our Center offers a variety of programs and services that target topics including stress, nutrition, and professional well-being.  More information can be found on the pages below.

Tips & Programs

Check out these suggested strategies to provide healthy, nutritious options at your next meeting or at home. 

Presentations & Programs: We can provide your department pre-planned presentations on health and well-being as well as facilitates custom workshops related to well-being to meet the specific needs of your department.

HR's Be Well Series

From managing common conditions like asthma and diabetes to handling the day-to-day pressures of the workplace, healthy living can be a challenge. Be Well, Tech’s benefits education and wellness series will equip employees with the tools they need to make smart wellness choices for themselves and their families. 

USG Well-Being Credit

The University System of Georgia (USG) prioritizes healthy living by providing tools that make it easy to incorporate healthy habits into your daily life. Those who participate in this service can receive up to $200 in a well-being credit. 

Well-Being Activators

Every department should have a champion of well-being. Well-Being Activators encourages healthy behaviors around the office and ensure that their teams know about everything health and well-being related happening on campus.

Employee Assistance Program

The University System of Georgia has contracted with Kepro​ to provide employees and their family members with a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP). All healthcare benefits-eligible employees and their families have access to the program.

Phone Coaching

It can be tough to manage your health goals all by yourself. That’s why they offer free access to dedicated health coaches who can talk to you on the phone and help you make a plan for your personal well-being journey. Choose between lifestyle topics such as getting active, eating healthy, reducing stress, managing weight, being tobacco-free, sleeping well, and money mindfulness.

Money Mondays

The monthly financial education workshops with a WebEx format are broadcasted to the entire USG. These workshops provide guidance to employees who may be stressed about economic conditions, market fluctuations, and their personal finances, education about benefits in the context of personal financial planning including saving, investing, debt management, and more!