Colorful condoms in a row.

The Safer Sex Supplies (SSS) Program at Georgia Tech provides the campus community with availability and access to a variety of condoms, lubricants, and contraceptives to help improve your sexual health. The purpose of this program is to empower Georgia Tech students to make healthy decisions regarding protection if they choose to be sexually active. We are committed to providing students with the tools and resources they need to make healthy decisions concerning their sexual health.

  • Internal and external condoms are effective against pregnancy and STI transmission. Condoms are most effective when used properly and consistently someone has sex. Barrier methods (i.e., condoms and dental dams) can be used to protect against STIs for oral sex. Condoms can also be used to protect against STIs when engaging in vaginal and anal sex. Condoms and other safer sex supplies (i.e., dental dams and lubricant) are available for free from our Center.
  • Georgia Tech is committed to providing students with safer sex supplies to encourage safe sex practices. If you want to learn more about how to be sexually healthy visit our Sexual Health webpage.
  • It is important that if you decide to have sex that you and your partner openly communicate your needs, wants, and boundaries. A healthy relationship is important when engaging in sexual behaviors, visit our Relationships page to learn more.
  • If you decide to engage in sexual activity, make sure to properly and consistently use protection. It is important that you and your partner consistently get tested for HIV and STIs.
  • You can request bulk condoms for an event, your organization, or a department by filling out our online form. Orders will be filled within 72 business hours.
  • For personal use request students can choose to pick up safer sex supplies  in our office or have them delivered to your on campus mailbox. To order use this online form. Orders will be filled within 72 business hours.

Safer Sex Supplies Locations

Wellness Empowerment Center
  • Second floor of Stamps (additional free safer sex supplies, including other brands of condoms, dental dams, and flavored lubricant are also available)
Stamps Health Services building
  • Lobby (first floor)
Smithgall Student Services Building (Flag Building)
  • Women's Resource Center (first floor)
  • Counseling Center (second floor)
Residence Halls
  • East Community Housing Office
  • West Community Housing Office
  • North Avenue Lobby (NANO)