Choosing to drink means you are responsible to know the potential consequences. Any choice to drink under the age of 21 is a risky one. Make sure you are informed of the policies we have at Georgia Tech so you know all the potential outcomes of drinking on campus.


Campus Alcohol and Drug Policy - Georgia Tech is committed to maintaining a safe and inviting campus environment for its community members and visitors. This policy, in conjunction with the Student/Student Organization Alcohol Policy and the Employee Alcohol and Illegal Drug Use Policy, provides a consistent approach to alcohol usage on-campus and at official Georgia Tech events, and adheres to federal, state, and local laws and ordinances, as well as Board of Regents' policy. It is important that all members of the Georgia Tech community and visitors to the Georgia Tech campus follow this policy. In doing so, Georgia Tech will be able to allow alcohol to be served in a responsible manner that respects the best interests of all.

Good Samaritan/Medical Amnesty Provision - Individuals are encouraged to come forward and report sexual misconduct, even if they chose to consume alcohol or use drugs. Information reported by an individual during an investigation concerning use of drugs or alcohol will not be used against that individual in a disciplinary proceeding.

Parental Notification - Parents/guardians of students under the age of twenty-one may be notified when a student is found responsible for violating the Georgia Tech Student Policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs when any of the following occur:

  • Students endanger themselves or other students while under the influence of alcohol or other substances. Specific instances include DUI, fighting, alcohol poisoning, and hospitalization.
  • When the Dean of Students determines that any future violations of the Institute's policy will most likely result in suspension from Georgia Tech.
  • When a hearing officer determines that any future violations of the Institute's policy will likely result in removal from housing.

AOD Action Committee

The Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Action Committee is charged with managing a comprehensive strategic plan for alcohol education, prevention and intervention designed to prepare students for the decisions associated with college life. The Alcohol Task Force is comprised of student, staff and faculty representatives from Wellness Empowerment Center, Counseling Center, Georgia Tech Housing, GT Police, Office of the Dean of Students, Office of Student Integrity, Athletics, Human Resources, Stamps Health Services, Greek Affairs, Undergraduate and Graduate Student Government Association, Healthy Jacket Peer Educators, and the Collegiate Recovery Program.