alcohol bottles and glasses
What is CHOICES?

CHOICES is an alcohol education and harm-reduction program for Georgia Tech students provided in a small group format.  It involves two (2) 90-minutes sessions, scheduled 2 weeks apart. It is modeled after the Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP), an evidence-based program with college students. 

What can I expect?

CHOICES will be a small group session with combined lecture, discussion, and journaling activities focused on alcohol education and personalized ways to reduce risks associated with alcohol consumption. This interactive session allows students to discuss Georgia Tech norms, standard drink sizes, and the effects of alcohol on the body. The second session includes a review of individualized personal feedback profiles from eCheckup, an online alcohol and drug assessment, and a continued discussion with setting personalized goals for the future. Additional topics include: the biphasic effect of alcohol, blood alcohol levels (BAL), gender differences, changing effects of alcohol over time, tolerance, expectation and other factors that influence drinking, student perceptions of other students' behaviors, moderation skills to minimize unwanted and unintended outcomes of drinking, alcohol and other drug interactions, legal issues, and safety information.​ 

How can I register?

Sessions are offered on an as-needed basis. Please register, and we will work with you to schedule your CHOICES sessions.


Please email us.