Syllabus Statements

Use your syllabus to inform students in writing of the expectations for campus/classroom conduct and devote time to reviewing this information with your students. You can also inform your students about your obligation to report as a "Responsible Employee" through a syllabus statement. All faculty and staff, who are not confidential, are required to report all students’ disclosures of sexual violence, relationship violence, and/or stalking to the Title IX Coordinator to ensure consistent student services and Title IX policy compliance. Do you need help creating a syllabus statement or do you have a great syllabus statement that you'd like to share with your colleagues as an example? Contact VOICE at


Have you experienced sexual violence or have questions related to victim-survivor support, referrals, accommodations, and reporting options and need to speak to a VOICE Advocate?

For confidential support contact us at 404.894.9000 24 hours per day.

Appointments are available for individuals affiliated with Georgia Tech.  

Trainings and Opportunities

You can request a VOICE staff-led sexual violence prevention and response training or program for your class, department, or an organization that you advise. 

Confidential Referral Form

Resident Assistants should utilize this form to refer students to VOICE after fielding disclosures of sexual violence. Please contact a VOICE Advocate for questions or concerns related to Georgia Tech reporting requirements or to get support for a student. 

Gold Folder Initiative

In 2020, most Faculty and Staff received a new copy of the Sexual Violence Response Guide, or "Gold Folder," which is designed to assist you in responding to a student's disclosure of sexual assault, abuse in a relationship, or stalking. Sexual and relationship violence are issues that many students struggle with, although they often go unreported. In the event that a student discloses their experience(s) with you, please know that you are in a special position to act as a resource. The Gold Folder has been designed so that you can better act as a resource in a student's time of need.

If you would like to order more Gold Folders, please email

For Faculty and Staff Survivors of Sexual Violence

Although VOICE Advocates can only provide support for students who have experienced sexual violence or those who are helping a survivor, you can contact a VOICE Advocate for resources and referrals or review Community Resources.  

You can also contact the Employee Assistance Program at 1.844.243.4440 for toll-free access to licensed clinical professionals, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can also request up to 4 sessions per counseling issue, via video or phone.