At Georgia Tech, it is a victim-survivor's right to report sexual violence, but it is important to know that survivors are not required to report. Students can receive supportive services and information about all their rights and accommodations without reporting. Assistance is available to help students determine the best reporting option for them. If you have additional questions about reporting options or would like more specific information prior to filing a report, please contact a VOICE Advocate. 

Students can choose whether to report to law enforcement, to the Institute's Title IX Coordinator, to both, or to neither. A VOICE Advocate can also assist students with reporting anonymously to Georgia Tech Police Department or the Title IX Coordinator.

Additional confidential resources for support on campus include: 

  • The Center for Mental Health Care and Resources (CARE, GT Counseling Center, and GT Psychiatry)
  • Women's Health or any other clinician in Stamps Health Services


Have you experienced sexual violence or have questions related to victim-survivor support, referrals, accommodations, and reporting options and need to speak to a VOICE Advocate?

For confidential support contact us at 404.894.9000 24 hours per day.

Appointments are available for individuals affiliated with Georgia Tech.  

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