Every member of the Georgia Tech community has a role in being an active part of the solution to end sexual violence.

Ways You Can Work to Prevent Sexual Violence

  • Educate yourself: Learn more about sexual violence and how it impacts your peers, your relationships, and you.
  • Make a personal commitment: Choose non-violence and mutual consent in your personal relationships.
  • Be a model: Promote safety, respect, and equality through your words and actions.
  • Challenge others: Challenge language, behaviors, and visual images that promote violence and disrespect.
  • Help a friend: Seek information to better understand what victim-survivors of sexual violence go through.
  • Get involved: Attend VOICE trainings and events or join a sexual violence-prevention group.


Have you experienced sexual violence or have questions related to victim-survivor support, referrals, accommodations, and reporting options and need to speak to a VOICE Advocate?

For confidential support contact us at 404.894.9000 24 hours per day.

Appointments are available for individuals affiliated with Georgia Tech.  

Request a VOICE Workshop

You can request a VOICE presentation for your residence hall, chapter or student organization on topics such as bystander intervention, healthy relationships, consent, or supporting survivors. 

SGA Joint Sexual Violence Advisory Committee

JSVAC is an inclusive and diverse SGA-led student subcommittee, originally formed as a result of the Presidential Task Force on Sexual Violence recommendations. 


People Against Unwanted Sexual Expereinces (PAUSE) is a registered student organization dedicated to raising awareness of sexual violence and developing a safer, more inclusive culture on Georgia Tech's campus through, advocacy, education, and outreach. To get involved, email pause.gatech@gmail.com

VOICE Peer Education

VOICE Peer Educators are diverse and dedicated undergraduate and graduate students at Georgia Tech who are trained to educate their peers about topics such as consent, sexual violence prevention, bystander intervention, healthy relationships, and survivor support.

Culture of Respect

As part of Georgia Tech’s continued commitment to addressing campus sexual violence, our campus joined over 100 colleges and Universities in the Culture of Respect Collective, an initiative of the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators in Higher Education Administration (NASPA). Open to faculty, staff, and students. 

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)

Each April VOICE recognizes national Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) in order to raise awareness about sexual violence, educate the campus on how to prevent it, and highlight available support and resources for victim-survivors.