Graphic banner that reads Culture of Respect: Ending Campus Sexual Violence A NASPA Initiative. It includes a graphic that explains The CORE Blueprint with the words: Survivor is Support, Self-Assessment, Clear Policies, Schoolwide Mobilization, Public Disclosure, Multitiered Education.

As part of Georgia Tech’s continued commitment to addressing campus sexual violence, in 2020 we joined over 100 colleges and Universities in the Culture of Respect Collective, an initiative of the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators in Higher Education Administration (NASPA). The Collective is an ambitious two-year program bringing together institutions of higher education who are dedicated to ending campus sexual violence and guides them through a rigorous process of self-assessment and targeted organizational change. 

The program is grounded in an expert-developed public health framework, cross campus collaboration, and peer-led learning to make meaningful programmatic and policy changes. As part of our participation, we receive strategic support and technical assistance throughout the process, as well as detailed documentation of campus-initiated changes that support survivors, prevent sexual violence, and communicate that violence is unacceptable. 

A key component to the program’s success is it's emphasis on cross-campus collaboration. As a result, we formed a Campus Leadership Team (CLT) composed of leaders and partners from across campus to spearhead our efforts. The CLT has representatives from across our institution allowing us to think creatively and holistically about how to use our institutional resources effectively.  

In Summer of 2020, the CLT engaged in a robust self-assessment process where we did a thorough review of Georgia Tech’s policies, practices, and procedures. The CLT submitted the results of the self-assessment to NASPA in Fall of 2020, and as a result we received evidence-based recommendations for Georgia Tech to implement. Based on those recommendations, the campus Leadership Team is creating an action plan for our institution and providing support for operationalizing specific initiatives of the plan. Implementing those initiatives will be an ongoing process. Members of the Campus Leadership Team attend monthly meetings and additional subcommittee meetings. Contact VOICE to join the Campus Leadership Team and to get invovled on a subcommittee.